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Why Educational Compatibility is a must for Marriage...

  • 20 07, 2018
  • By: Rajal Brahmbhatt IIM Amritsar

“I read Shakespeare and my partner, well, Chetan Bhagat!” Think about a scenario like this.What would happen to a person if he or she is not allowed to talk about what interests them, what they love, what gives them shivers? Even in our mind this kind of picture disturbs us, now imagine what will happen if this becomes someone’s reality of life?
This is the story of Anamika. A well settled Bong girl, whose only dream was to start her own company. Her Resume supported her dream, but her parents couldn’t hold her hand that long. She got married to a dashing and rich businessman. The groom got involved in his family business and couldn’t study more nor did he intend to. And then started Anamika’s lifelong battle for identity. Her in in-laws couldn’t understand why their ‘bahu’ wanted to earn for her even after being from a well-to-do family? And the husband couldn’t get her thirst for going after her dreams. And in the end that bird finally left its sky and caged itself in the house.

This story was just one stint that represents many lives. And that’s why we need educational compatibility in this world. One needs to marry someone who can understand the value of dreams. What it takes to start from scratch and make it to the end. One should be supportive enough to even help professionally. And this all can only be possible with the educational compatibility. If Anamika’s husband were someone well educated he would have definitely understood her need to work for herself.

So be very cautious while choosing a partner. Think twice before making a choice. And most importantly talk it out. Share your stories, talk about what you believe in, because in the end your life depends on the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life.