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Top Trends for a 2016 wedding ensemble

  • 14 03, 2017
  • Vrinda Maheshwari MICA, Ahemadabad

Now that you have found ‘the one’ for you and wedding season is round the corner, here are some fresh trends in 2016 that will help you do it right and in style.
Wedding shopping can be a pain if you don’t know what to buy. The markets are flooded with similar looking stuff but it is your special day and of course you want to look different. There are so many things that need to be taken care of and by now you must have visited a few clothing stores and returned all confused. Here is a list of what is in fashion this season-
1.      The Wedding Lehenga
Upon searching for new designs in wedding lehengas you might have stumbled upon designs that look good only on those petite models and lehengas that you would love to see but not wear it yourself. Here are some new styles that you will easily find in Chandni Chowk or Karol Bagh and you would love to adorn.

Lehenga with trail

Just like those beautiful white train gowns in Christian weddings, the lehengas this summer are also followed by a trail to add to that exquisite royal look. This is the one that was worn in the movie Shandaar also. 

Apart from this heavily studded stone and mirror work lehengas are also popular this season. Though they will make the lehenga heavier but if you are up for it then you must go for a mirror work lehenga.

Anarkali lehengas are also hot this season. Straight Anarkali jacket with a lehenga looks very elegant and sober.

The big borders are giving place to thin borders with gotapatti work and gold borders. The broad borders that went up till the knee are now out of fashion once again. Colors like ombre and sea-green are much in demand. Mix and match of colors will go on this season as well.

2.      Jewelry
Jewelry has always been the most important part of an Indian Bride. Parent’s save money all their lives to deck up their daughter with gold. The jewelry styles this year have evolved.
The traditional single line ‘maagtika’ can now be replaced by a crown maangtika. It gives a rich and antique look. You can also pick up an old necklace and convert it into a maangtika.

All hairstyles would suit with this crown maangtika. You can keep your hair loose, letting those curls fall free or the traditional bun which would look equally good.

Necklaces are following more or less the same trend with double layered neckpieces doing the rounds. Heavy double layered neckpieces again give you that queen look and will make sure that all eyes are on you.

Chokers are very much talk of the town. Even if you do not wear it more than once it still makes a part of your asset. It is something that you will cherish later on. The full neck covered chokers with studded stones look very beautiful on the bride. It completes that look.

Colorful stone studded neckpieces giving the vintage look are trending this season. However, for the pre-wedding functions jewelry should be kept minimalistic. Fusion of vintage with modern will make you stand out.

Jhumkas should be big and studded. You can go for platinum jewelry but personally speaking platinum does not give as rich look as gold. Also, platinum has high depreciation on return.

3.      Bridal Footwear

On all weddings I have seen the bride crying silently under the burden of a heavy lehenga and jewelry and still arching up on that high heel to look perfect. However, the modern bride is more up for her comfort than making a social statement. Those flat shoes give you not just the comfort but also look good. 

4.      Makeup

The Bridezilla is no more seen wearing heavy plastic make up. Those days are gone when the bride was uncomfortable in her skin and the low megapixel camera needed a lot of layers on top to capture that perfect face. The modern bride is confident and knows what suits her skin. Minimal makeup with heavy jewelry is the new cool.
Heavy eye makeup is no more the trend. Light hues matching the dress which bring out the natural look are more sought after. Bright red lip colors would still remain in fashion this season as well.
Wedding decorations

Floral arches are so labor intensive that only uber rich can get access to them. However, leaves and wines look equally good in décor. The backstage can be decorated with a mix of flowers and leaves. The Indian weddings are vibrant and hence the flowers would still include roses and sunflowers for the decoration.
Peacock patterns are still in trend. The round shaped bouquets have given way to loose bunches. The pathway on which the bride walks should be strewn with rose petals.

Once you have managed to decide on your look for the wedding, the rest of the things will fall in place without much panic. So get up and get going!