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MARRIAGE: A choice or an obligation

  • 18 08, 2017
  • Bishal Kumar, IIM Kashipur

This is the 21st century when everything is changing like never before. The generation of baby boomers is a story of past now when people looked for a simple life with happy married wife and babies playing on the verandah. Next came Generation X followed by Generation Y who mainly constitute the millennial generation. Witnessing the entry of internet technology to the human life, Generation Z, the latter half of millennials are the generation we and our siblings belong to has seen the biggest shifts in human history as per technology is concerned.

Millennials are tech-savvy, they are into social media platforms, for them constant change is the biggest constant. Here comes the dilemma of getting married or remaining Bachelor. On a single click of 'Unfriend' button friendship ends in today's generation, people are immigrating and emigrating across geographical boundaries. Job preference, following their passion, reinterpretation of every aspect of life is being re-defined. And here stands the dilemma between tradition vs acceptance by reinterpretation of marriage.

Getting married can be a choice when the bride and groom both accept the bond and tie the knot on their free will, be it love or arranged scenario. They can opt for not getting married and carry on their life as it is. Again, marriage can be considered a necessity backed up by social obligation to ensure the balance and maintain perpetuity of the family in this world. In this case, family comes in to play a bigger role in considering the decision of marriage

Irrespective of being a necessity or a choice, marriage holds a social value. We may call the present society a hypocrite but still, a married couple has a higher social acceptance than a single person. The scenario is grayer in women's lives. Women empowerment and related campaigns are trying to uplift the social status of the fair gender but it's yet to be up to the mark. This portrays marriage as a social obligation in a person's life.

Millennials are confused within the paradox of localized traditions and global trends. They are highly qualified, technically enriched, affluent, with a righteous attitude to re-examine every decision of their life. The work-life balance is highly sought after, again they are passionate to grow and touch their dreams. Amidst all such myriads, getting stuck in a social obligation cannot be a choice for them.

Marriage in this generation should not be treated as an obligation, but a choice. A supporting partner with understanding mentalities is what everyone seeks. A friend to share every aspect of life, a person to trust with life, a partner to hold the hand and a shoulder to cry. It may seem too ideal to be true but why not to try. "Dear Zindagi" had a concept of chair trials to bring an analogy in choosing behavior before buying a chair then why not to try before finalizing a life partner. And most of us try to find a friend in virtual platforms like Facebook and tinder and in most of the cases fail miserably. Because people here comes with different motives.

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