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Green Marriages – A Social Obligation towards Environment

  • 07 07, 2017
  • Shivi Jain from IIM Vishakhapatnam

Today so many of us are concerned with the environment safety and talk about how pollution and global warming have made our lives not so happening. But apart from sulking are we actually doing anything from our side to contribute to the betterment of the environment? Not much probably. Well one cool way which will set you apart from others (because who doesn’t want that!) is to go green for your wedding!

Before I say anything else, let’s take a moment to let that thought settle in our minds – Green Marriage.

So what is green marriage anyway? In simple words – it’s the new cool way to contribute towards the environment. It’s about doing something different, giving a token of love and appreciation to the environment for our survival and in turn taking a step forward towards giving back to the society.

For most of us marriages are multi cuisine food, expensive clothes, multiple events, DJ of course and who can forget the decoration, flowers and firecrackers! But again, where’s the trend in that!

Be a trendsetter and go green and you will definitely love it. Now when I say go green don’t think that it’s going to ruin all the celebrations and it will be a boring wedding. No, absolutely not. It’s just going to be eco-friendly with the celebration and fun part of it absolutely intact, probably more even.

So how do you host a green wedding anyway? There can be multiple aspects of the wedding which you can do the green way and have a sense of satisfaction that you did something better than the rest. You went Cool!

Here are some pointers:

  • Eco friendly wedding invites – there are multiple ways to do this. You can go digital and send e-invites. But if you worry “ki samaaj kya kahega” then also there are innovative ways like sending seeded invites. These kind of invites mix with the soil easily and then turn into plants. The other way is through sending plant invites – send small plants/saplings as an invitation to the weeding. It’s refreshing. Just in case you have to use paper then go for the recycled paper.


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  • Organic Dress – go Khadi! Fashion with style. Alternatively you can use dress made from organic material with no compromise on the ethnicity and the exquisiteness on the dress.
  • Organic utensils/food – serving food on banana plates/wooden plates/recyclable plates might be a good idea. Use organic ingredients for cooking as well. Go Vegetarian for the Day! Serve limited healthy items at the same time don’t compromise on the taste part of it.
  • Buy alcohol in bulk – this method is better than buying/ordering separate bottles. Order kegs and serve in eco-friendly glasses. This will reduce your carbon footprint to some extent.
  • Use local vendors – this reduces the transportation costs at the same time there is a reduction in the pollution as well as there are shorter distances now to be covered by the vendors.
  • Plant saplings and select appropriate venue – as a ceremony, give each guest a sapling and ask them to plant the same at the venue. Now again venue should be such that there is scope to do so. It should be large plain area or a farmhouse type of an ambience where you can plant saplings. Pick a venue where you don’t need to decorate much. The aesthetics of the place should take care of the ambience part of the venue.


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  • Plan a day wedding – this would immensely decrease the lighting/fireworks expenses and save our planet from the unnecessary pollution.
  • Organic flowers – use sustainably grown flowers for decoration and contact organic florists for the same.
  • Creative gifts – This is mainly for guests. Go creative with the gifts and give something like an organic spa gift card or something which the couple would cherish later and at the same time would be green.
  • Green honeymoon – once green, always a green! If you have planned a green wedding then why not a green honeymoon. Surf the ecotourism websites and plan a honeymoon accordingly. It will be a different experience for sure.


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Now before you go “Arey bhai! Ye sab kaun karta hai?” here are some Indian weddings that went green.

It’s your turn now!