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Evolving Views on Marriage

  • 14 03, 2017
  • By Rajal Brahmbhatt

When a platform which is supposed to provide correct definitions to possibly everything that exists in the world says that, Marriage is principally an institution, in which sexual relationships are acknowledged, you seriously need to reconsider the structure of society. One can have sexual relationship even without a marriage, and then what is the need of this commitment?

One can expect from the youngsters that they will be the one to change it but I choose to differ. In fact they are the ones who have started believing it as the invitation to sex. I still remember my conversation with my grandfather, he told me once that he doesn’t care if my granny has had her lunch or not. He doesn’t care if she is home or not. But if for a single second her breath goes out, that his heart also skips a bit. If she doesn’t wake up on her regular time, it makes his blood pressure high. The fear of living a single second without him in this world, creeps the hell out of him. That’s what marriage is all about. May be it is love or maybe he is just addicted to her, but he won’t be able to survive without her in this world. It's the fear of losing someone; it's what happens to you when you see your other half in pain. And no strong live-in relationship can give you this.

That's how our grandparents used to define marriage. So definitely, the views of society regarding marriage have evolved. The love between two people, the bond that they used to share has faded somewhere. And what left is the fear of being alone. The fear of dying alone, the fear of losing ones freedom, the fear of parents. The reasons to get married are many, but the license to be able to tie with eternity, this reason has lost somewhere.