Add Videos- Match Making though Video Tags

We remain intrigued on how much a resume and a photo add up to offer a realistic picture of an individual. Very little, right?

How else to decipher someone?

Perhaps a video.

This feature is likely to complement the decision making process while assessing a profile. Whats’ more - your passions, interests and hobbies can be tagged by you to make use of our pioneer IT leverage in the industry - tag based match making - where those results are featured where more interests match.

The smart ones will know the difference videos can make. Video wale dhulania le jayenge!

Who Am I

Enter Your youtube Video URL

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My Preferred Partner

Enter youtube video URL expressing the kind of partner you would prefer:

* How to Make Videos and Upload on Youtube

There are several videos available on youtube that guide on how to make videos as well as how to upload them on youtube. You may avail this support as per your requirement. We are not looking for professional videos. May target to upload normal quality videos that we keep making in our day to day life. May use the link, to figure out uploading them on youtube.

Note: Kindly ensure that content of video is socially acceptable and is not vulgar. Management’s decision remains final on acceptance of any uploaded video.